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Information about the WhatsApp group

Group Name: Upload Story Views
The country of the group: America
Number of group members: 569 members
Group Type: Chat

Group terms and conditions

  • New participants must constantly interact.
  • New participants must share the group.
  • You are not entitled to send unwanted messages.
  • You may not disturb participants and send private messages without their permission.
  • Do not change the group information such as the picture or the name.
  • Not requesting supervision from supervisors.

What are WhatsApp groups?

Groups are a feature on the WhatsApp application to chat with a group of people at once. These groups are managed by a group administrator. Administrators can add or remove members from the WhatsApp group, and they can also promote other members to admins. These groups can have up to 1025 members. Once you've been added to the group, you'll see a new icon in your chat list. Clicking this will take you to the group chat.

WhatsApp groups can provide a lot of things, such as: group voice chat, where a group of people speak in one call and exchange ideas or open business discussions, or they can be used for voice chat with family members as well.

Most people share groups on social networking sites to make new friends through them, and they start group chats through the communities feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp groups can be used to make new friends, for work discussions, between friends, or between family to facilitate chatting and make it more fun.

How to create WhatsApp groups

You can create a WhatsApp group on your iPhone or Android phone by opening the WhatsApp application and going to the Chats tab.

Tap the New Chat button, then tap New Group. You will be prompted to add members to your group. You can add people from your contact list or by manually entering their phone numbers.

Once you have added all the members you want, click the Done button. You'll be prompted to give your group a name and choose an optional group photo or emoji. When done, hit the Create button.

Now that the WhatsApp group is set up, here are some of the things you can do with it:- Add new members: To add new members to an existing WhatsApp group, go to the Chats tab, open the group chat, click on Add participant, then select who you want Add it from your contact list or enter their phone numbers manually. Click the Done button when done.

Now that you know what the group feature is, you can join.

Link to join the group (raise the views of the story)

A quick note:  Before you join any group, you should know that these groups are not ours for different people, so the group may have changed its name or image, and now you can join.

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